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After 3 hours of labor, and one primal life giving roar....I became a mom.  Life as a mom hit me like a well aimed spoon of cold, sloppy cereal.  It turned my life upside down and inside out.  Everything was new.  Including my body.  There were so many things to figure out, and it seemed like whatever I did was wrong - at least the first time around.  My husband was busy with our business and so I was alone a lot.  I really struggled. Feeding, settling, to dummy or not to dummy, teething...all of it, I had to figure it out on my own.  It was hard but I made it through and not without a Santa sac full of tips and tricks.   Our son Lincoln is now 6 and our daughter Mila is 4.  They are two of the cheekiest, most inquisitive, creative, funny, naughty and loving people I could have ever dreamed of.


I created an organic cotton crib mattress pad for our children as there weren't any non toxic, plastic free, nursery bedding on the market.  Through selling our product on Amazon I began talking to moms.  Lots of moms!  It became evident to me that you are all kind of alone, in your own ways.  Moms write to us all the time for sleep/settling advice for their little ones, feeding advice, all things baby!  I just love it.  Having been so desperate for the answers when I was a new mom, I feel so happy to be able to help other moms going through hard times now.  Connecting with moms is the best part of selling our crib pads.  I will share my tips here on these pages so that it may help other moms as they move through the various stages of babyhood into toddlerhood and beyond.


Our goal is to make moms feel supported.  I hope you will feel like you can email us with any of your questions no matter how silly you think they are.  I guarantee, I have had that problem too!!  So don't be shy, reach out and speak up.  With love and kindness, Lisa


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Our Product

100% Organic Cotton Crib Mattress Pad

Pure Organic Cotton Wool

Extremely Durable

Delux Cotton Filled Quilting

Simply Beautiful

Our cotton is GOTS certified which is a stamp given by the Global Organic Textile Standard which guarantees our cotton has not been grown or handled with harmful chemicals.

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